How to become good Administrative Assistant?

Published: 13th September 2010
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With the adoption of outsourcing, one can get the best services for their business and company through which there can be better business development strategy designed for your company. With proper outsourcing and the outsourcing from different other sources, you need to make sure that this is done at the highly professional level for your business or the company.

Administrative assistant is one such profile in the world of outsourcing that needs lot of expertise as this type of virtual assistant is the one that needs to have many qualities in the absence of which there cannot be any progress in the business even after hiring them. And so, if you need to check out the way to become good administrative assistant, here are some features that you should implement in yourself as the best virtual assistant, as a good Administrative assistant.

To become a good administrative assistant, primarily you need to take care of the profiles like answering phone calls, taking care of the schedules and appointments, scheduling meetings as per the requirements and also to communicate with the clients as and when needed at the highly professional level. For this, there is an absolute need of very sharp organizational skills and time management at the corporate level.

Management of the correspondences is the other important thing that needs to be excelled by a good administrative assistant, as this is done completely for the correspondence with the clients. And thus, it needs very good communication and literal skills so that there is no chance of any miscommunication from the virtual assistant's end.

As a good Administrative Assistant, there are multiple roles that you should be able to perform, like Appointment setting, Bill paying, Blog updates, Business letter writing, Calendar management, Coordinate customer mailings, Create sales reports, Email(manage or sort incoming email ), Faxing documents, Format documents, reports, e-books, Invoice management, Meeting scheduling organization, Presentation creation (PowerPoint, QuickTime, Real Player), Press release distribution, Proposal creation, Respond to customer emails/phone calls, Special project assistance, Specialized industry service, (e.g. medical transcription, real estate VAs), Spreadsheet creation, Survey coordination, Telephone assistance, Transcription from audio, Translation, Travel arrangements, Typing, Venue booking, Website routine, intendance, Personal Assistance Services, Reminder services, Research (Internet or other)

You need to possess certain other qualities in person as well when you want to become a good Administrative assistant because of which you will be able to perform at that level in your job. As a good administrative assistant, you need to have an absolutely positive attitude and patience as you would be working virtually for your employer. With this, you need to have very good skills and along with that good power of understanding as well to grab the explanations of your employer as effectively and at one shot possibly.

You should be absolutely goal-oriented and very much target oriented and firm in your work as a good administrative assistant, as without this, you will not be able to achieve what you strives and deserve. As a good assistant, apart from the work that you do, it is also important that you fulfill all the responsibilities from your end as well as getting the work from the other people done also. There are some roles in this type of job that you need to get done from the others as well and thus should be capable and talented enough to have this done.

The flexibility to accept any challenges given to you and also the passion to take the initiatives in doing the difficult work is again what a good administrative assistant should be expert in.

If you need to become a good administrative assistant, you need to possess the qualities that are mentioned above so that you are worth hiring from all the aspects.

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